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Easter Event Guide

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  • Start by talking to the Easter Bunny who can be found at home between shops and safe pvp zone
  • Walk in a North-west direction. You will come to a Rabbit Hole.  Enter it
  • Find the easter bunny in all the way north west room
  • Talk to him, he will tell you a list of to-do things
  • Your first task is to wake up the Easter Bird at the centre of the main cave. Talk to it.

    By talking to the bird you'll learn that it needs feeding and the bird tells you what type of food it requires. To the east you'll find four sacks. Search each one until you find the type of food the bird asked for. Walk back to the Easter Bird and feed it by using the requested food on the Seed bowl.

    To the north you'll notice a water tank (well visible on the mini-map). Get yourself a Bucket of Water (Bucket is on the floor near it). Walk back to the bird and use the bucket of water on the water bowl. Now, talk to it. It should now be able to lay eggs.

  • Your next task is to catch some Easter implings. You can find them back through the rabbit hole inside the maze looking area

  • After you catch them, use them on the Egg-painting machine.

  • Your next task is to fix the incubator.

    You must find the parts of the incubator which are in different boxes and crates. These are scattered in the room. Look for boxes (remember, this means ALL boxes: chocolate-egg-filled and nut boxes alike) with the search option to find out six components: cog, pistons, chimney, sooty pipe, wet pipe and clean pipe. Return to the machine.
    You must replace the parts in the correct order (see incubator blueprint, obtained from the Easter Bunny's office).
    Use the clean pipe for the controls;
    cog, pistons, chimney for the main part;
    sooty pipe for the coal container;
    wet pipe for the water storage. After you do all of this, you need to speak with the imp ([Its an imp, i don't remember his name (he's on east wall)] to mark it complete).

  • Talk to big ben to help retrain the squirrels. Simply click the button on all the Graardor figurines, bolts, nails, broken nuts(dark; two pieces), chocolate egg (dark brown; one piece). You will finish as soon as you get 10 correct in a row. Do not discard the small grey nuts or the big grey nut as these are the good nuts which you want to let through. Discarding one of these will reset the counter to 0.

  • Getting an evil easter kindling by using ;;findtree and chopping a root. If you have the perk, do ;;perks and find the root perk and click it to disable it temporarily. After you get it, teleport back home and speak to the bunny to get back to the jr bunny and talk to him.

  • After you speak to Easter Bunny Jr., he will give you your reward. Remember, rewards can only be claimed once per computer, or else you will get an error message not letting you claim twice!

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