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  1. thanks tim !
  2. suggest the rusties be up to 50-500 per drop as it is a bit tedious boss and isnt afk. boost 1b tickets to 2-5 to match that of shadow corp/ snow bird which are f2p. tkbolts instead of bones. remove fury shark and add dtd? lizard skull? troll drop?
  3. no, I never got to camp any boss lolol jk jk good update! should help eco significantly
  4. THANKS AVI! finally got time to come back
  5. can we please see a new mega donor boss that has the level of drops that a mega donor boss should. As many of the new donors come there needs to be more donor rank tier boss and content. has been months since i have gotten mega and still no donor zone specifically for us or even a new boss that gives us exclusivity to certain drops. i suggest we add a exsisiting rs3 boss for ex. balanced elemental or skeletal horror. If higher rank = more exclusive boss i am down to donate more and play more. imo its a win win all around.
  6. hi guys. finally getting around to using the forums for making my voice heard. I have played since like February and have seen players come and go. But overall love the server. hope to see continued growth and new content brought to the server. but as always voice you ideas and avi will most likely hear it :)!