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  1. god books

    hardly worth adding into enchanted keys when the books can be bought full from a shop npc lol
  2. god books

    why even do this? books could have been bought all along from one of the shop npc
  3. Sad is Sad, why leave though? life issues?
  4. very nice
  5. nicely done bro
  6. Can you please make it so normal players can also trade and see nomads shop? Thanks.
  7. Bit of a Glitch at the moment with any cash drops, they were always announced and now they are not, people that don't have the perk said they are not receiving any cash drops what so ever.
  8. FIXED~
  9. enchanted

    There are also new teleport commands to help you even more! ;;falador, ;;varrock, ;;castlewars, ;;lletya, ;;priffdinas, ;;porttyras, ;;gnomestronghold
  10. evil trees are glitched atm, roots are not sprouting
  11. Another one of My ideas in play, love it
  12. her spawn spot fucks up after you kill her sometimes
  13. cCan you also fix the spawn point for dragonbone corp and ice queen?
  14. Enjoy your stay at Runix
  15. Hello, everyone! I'm Samson the head moderator for the game/ forum a lot of you already know whom I am but some may not so I decided to post on here to introduce myself, that and there were no posts here so I decided to make it less void and fill at least one slot, anyways I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for reading this if you did. Add me in the game if you need anything.