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  1. Pls update forums ? So we can see what was done
  2. Awesome . Needed this tbh! Helps alot , thanks.
  3. Nice , giving this a go !
  4. Yay ! Nice little update
  5. Awesome updates Avi keep me coming
  6. Love it bro ! Thank you <3
  7. Thanks for the guide! This will defs help a lot of players out!
  8. nice update!!
  9. Thanks for feedback yes do try it ! It will help a lot!
  10. Hello guys, With the release of the new "Puzzle Boxes", I see plenty of players struggling to complete the puzzle. I will provide a short but descriptive guide on how to efficiently complete boxes as well as some FAQ. It can take roughly 5-15mins to complete, depends on how good you are at solving them. ALL KEYWORDS HAVE BEEN HILIGHTED. FAQ's * Why do players solve puzzle boxes? Main reason would be to get lucky and receive a perk or an item from the donator chest (Random Rate) * How can you get these puzzle boxes? Puzzle boxes can be obtained a variety of ways which include Evil Trees, Enchanted Keys, and Clue Scrolls. * How can I reset the puzzle box? If you want to start again or if the puzzle doesn't seem work, Just simply Relog which will reset the puzzle box to a randomized state. * What is the best way to solve the puzzle? As indicated in the attachment I've attached, you can see how it's divided into sections, Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4 and Section 5. It is best that you start from the Top and solve in the direction of Left to Right ( START FROM SECTION 1 AND WORK IN ORDER FROM 1,2,3,4,5.). Thanks for reading my guide if you have any question's ask below and GOODLUCK. PS: This is the best method to solve puzzles and its popular on other tutorial sites.
  11. Update? on drop rates now??