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  1. Hey! I regret to inform you that I will be quitting RunixScape. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and don't regret a minute of it. RunixScape is by far one of the best servers out there with the most amazing community. After playing RSPS for a long time, I can easily say that RunixScape's community is one of the best out there. Everyone is so supportive and friendly; you guys are what made my experience here one of the best RSPS experiences I could have asked for! As for why I'm leaving; I feel that I no longer have anything to do because I have accomplished every single goal I set when I originally joined. Aviansie. You have created a masterpiece of a server. I find it incredible how you manage to balance your IRL things along with maintaining the server and creating more pieces of great content! You truly are the heart of RunixScape. I can see your work of art going a long way, just make sure you interact with your players! They are the ones who can assist you the most in the advancement of RunixScape! I have left some of you a few presents from my bank, please check your forum inbox account regarding the gifts. Thank you for everything. -Araxxi
  2. Water Jad is one of RunixScape's customs bosses. The boss is known for two very sought after drops; the Water Cape and the Water Jad Pet. While this boss may appear to be difficult; it can be easily overcome when using the right strategy and equipment. STRATEGY This guide will show the user how to kill Water Jad using the ranged method as it is the most efficient and simple method. When attacking from a distance, Water Jad has two attacks: Ranged and Magic. Each of these attacks can be avoided by praying against the correct attack style. Once Water Jad begins its attack, you will have a small amount of time to change your prayer to the appropriate protection and that will cause its attack to hit 0 damage on you. When done right, you will be able to complete every kill without taking any damage whatsoever. To avoid taking damage, you must be able to know when to switch prayers by recognizing the attack emote Water Jad has performed. Below are two images (that are outsourced) of TzTok Jad performing both attack styles. Water Jad uses the exact same emotes - the only difference being that he is blue. On the TOP is its MAGIC ATTACK. On the BOTTOM is its RANGED ATTACK. _______________________________________________________________________ EQUIPMENT This guide will show the user what equipment setups are effective with both low-cost and high-cost equipment. LOW COST SETUP This setup is the lowest cost gear I would recommend a player to use while still getting moderately fast kills. Anything lower will take much longer for each kill and will not be worth the time. This setup focuses on the combination of Ruby Bolts (e) and the Tormented Kings Set Effect to kill Water Jad at an efficient pace. HIGH COST SETUP This setup relies heavily on having a very high ranged attack bonus as to allow the Tormented King's Bolts (e) to hit at their very highest. Using this setup is much more efficient for killing Water Jad as your hits will be high-hitting and consistent throughout the kill. Having perks can also assist in speeding up kills - but are not necessary. _______________________________________________________________________ REWARDS Water Jad has two very unique and powerful drops, namely the Water Cape and Water Jad Pet. The Water Jad Pet is a very good healing pet that also deals moderate damage. Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, -Araxxi
  3. god books

    Sweet! Do the books have any custom stats? I can't see there being any market for pages if they aren't custom because of other available gear. -Araxxi
  4. Wow! That does help a lot! Thank you!
  5. These look awesome! Great work guys! Could we see some images of their stats and attack speeds? -Araxxi
  6. Interesting. Is there a chat notification when the genie spawns? It may be tedious for people trying to complete puzzles and other things that require an interface. Could the time before he takes action be increased? 17 seconds may be too short for people who are focused on other activities before they notice the genies. Perhaps 30-45 seconds? -Araxxi
  7. Awesome batch of updates! How long will the genie wait before taking action? -Araxxi
  8. Great stuff!
  9. Awesome! Obelisks were tedious to use before this update Any idea when Aviansie King will be fixed? I'm loving these "Quality of Life" updates! -Araxxi
  10. Awesome update! Is there any way to change my username on the forums or get my Staff/Donor rank updated on the forum if the account names are different? -Araxxi
  11. Great batch of updates, can't wait to see what comes next! -Araxxi
  12. Alright. Thanks for the reply! I'll give it a shot.
  13. Great idea! I tried putting my settings on bloom and this happened: https://gyazo.com/c5b21ae8a846e01557ca9ca4ad85d7bc Relogging or reloading my client doesn't help. I can only make it go away when I turn Bloom off. Any ideas for a fix? -Araxxi
  14. That's awesome!! Do they have any new abilities or reworked stats? Also, do they work with the barrows shields? Keep it up guys!!
  15. Awesome batch of updates! Keep it up!!