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  1. Hello, I have been on runixscape for quite a long time, on and off. I was going to resign but have already been demoted, I just feel I have gotten to the point I do not really have anything to do on the server. I have really enjoyed my time here and have had a great experience with all of the people in this RSPS community. Maybe I will be back in the future. Goodbye all. P.S. You should really work on fixing the economy @Aviansie
  2. well i hope you come around now and then to check up on us. it was great having you on the server and i wish you the best
  3. Goodjob
  4. god books

    I agree with Araxxi, not much use for the books but good job.
  5. welcome to the server, good to have you
  6. Solving puzzle boxes are simple if you know the steps of solving them I will post a picture of the order you should solve the puzzle, hopefully this will help most players. You can also find puzzle solvers online as well. Goodluck fellow players -The Red section is the first area to solve -The Yellow section is the second area to solve -The Green section is the third area to solve -The Blue section is the fourth area to solve -The Purple section is the last area to solve -The numbers indicate the order in which to solve them Here is a link to a puzzle solver for those who really need it: http://runeapps.org/slidesolver If for some reason the puzzle is impossible to solve, just simply relog and try again. -Purple
  7. nice you should add more perks to using this
  8. i agree, maybe make it possible to get something other than skilling materials