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  1. later tonight i will go through the donor shop and i will redo all the prices to what i think is fair.
  2. Having done this, the prices of donor items needs to come down drastically. nobody is going to spend $750 on an item. The most expensive of items should be no more than 50 if you want people to actually donate for them. i can make a rough draft of all the donor items if you wish to have my input on fair pricing.
  3. yessssssssssssssssssss
  4. welcome back!
  5. nice1
  6. damn dude, sorry to see you go.
  7. this guide is a little outdated, but will still help people get started. i made this in january LOL.
  8. i feel like 15k rustys is a bit much per worker, especially since it's only for skilling stuff. maybe add chance of mystery boxes??? or something of the sort. i think that would make it more worth it.
  9. Nice Guide, You should also include the drop rates for a specific difficulty, One that most new players use. Very good though.
  10. love it, nice update avi.
  11. is this in effect? becuase it's not picking them up.
  12. Updated 2/10/17
  13. Happy to see the consistant updates, keep up the good work!
  14. i like it, good job avi.
  15. Very nice, i would have said All Skills - LAMPS!