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  1. Awesome, more and more of the bugs are getting worked out each and every day.
  2. This is just for the general skilling for people who enjoy it and don't get lamps at there disposal.
  3. This is a guide for all skilling levels , this is an unfinished document so don't be that guy saying it's no completed. I'm going to go further into testing to determine the experience for each item skilled to get a greater estimate of what the experience rate will be. This Document should be completed by January 22nd, 2017 feel free to comment suggestions for your way that you may or may not think it's quicker. I'd rather you direct message me about it, or contact me in game. Guide Produced by Geno - Dedicated to Runixscape Rune-crafting - Levels 1-14 create Air Runes Levels 14-20 create Fire Runes Levels 20-35 create Body Runes Levels 35-54 create Chaos Runes Levels 54-65 create Law Runes Levels 65-77 create Death Runes Levels 77-99 create Blood Runes Agility - (Coming Soon) Herblore - Levels 1-15 create Levels 15-38 create Serum 207 (Vial of Water, Clean tarromin, and ashes) Levels 38 - 52 create Prayer Potions (Vial of water, Clean Ranarr, Snape grass) Levels 52-63 create Super Energy Potions (Vial of water, Clean Avantoe, Mort Myre Fungus) Or Levels 52-63 create Fishing Potions (Vial of Water, Clean Avantoe, Snape Grass) Levels 63-72 create Super Restore Potions (Vial of water, Clean dwaf weed, Wine of Zamorak) or Levels 63-72 create Super Strength Potions (Vial of water, Clean Snapdragon, Red Spiders Eggs) Levels 72-85 create Super Ranging Potions (Vial of water, Clean Dwaf Seed, Wine of Zamorak) Levels 85-91 create Super Anti-Fires ( Vial of water, Pheonix Feathers) 91-99 create Extreme Magics ( Vial of water, Super Magic Potion 3 ) Thieving - Teleport to home using (;;home , ;;edge, or using the telebook) Go to the building west of the bank (Were silver chest is located) Click on that stall from 1-99 If you want to make money on the side, and level up your magic alc all of the gems that they give you. Crafting - Cheapest way for 99 crafting NO CHISEL Go to the thieving stall, obtain all of the gems that they give you. Click on all of them prior to alching them ( if you're not a skiller ) You get crafting experience, and/or money if you alch them. If not alching them simply go to the general store and sell them all. Flethching - Levels 1-25 create arrow shafts (Logs and Knife) Levels 25 - 50 create Oak Shortbows ( Oak log and Knife) Levels 50-65 create Maple Shortbows ( Maple log and knife) Levels 65-80 Create Yew shortbows ( Yew Log and knife) Levels 80-99 Create Magic Shortbows ( Magic log and knife ) Slayer - The ABSOLUTELY only way you can get 99 slayer in runixscape without leveling up is SAVING all of your lamps and then using them ALL of Slayer until 99 Construction - (Coming Soon) You have to buy a house in order to use the experience lamps for Construction Hunter - (Coming Soon) Mining - Iron Pickaxe Levels 1-20 Mine copper, and Tin (Copper, Tin, Iron Pickaxe) Levels 20-41 Mine Iron, Copper, and Tin (Copper, Tin, Iron, Iron Pickaxe) Rune Pickaxe - Levels 41- 70 Mine Iron, Copper and Tin anything you can get your hands on. (ANY you can mine for time) Levels 70- 85 Mine adamant ores (Adamant Ores and EVERYTHING else you can for time) Dragon Pickaxe- Levels 85-99 Mine Runite Ores ( Runite Ores, Adamant Ores, EVERYTHING FOR TIME) Smithing - Levels 1-30 Create Iron 2h Swords Levels 30-40 any Iron thing you can mine Levels 40-60 Create Steel Equipment Levels 60-70 Create Mithrill Equipment Levels 70-89 Smelt Gold Bars Or Levels 70-89 (If you wanna train Magic) use Superheat Item spell on Gold ores to make bars Levels 89-99 Smith Rune equipment Fishing - Go to the Quest tab located in your inventory section Select the skilling tab and teleport to fishing Use a regular net to get Anchovies and Shrimp Levels 1-40 (Anchovies and Shrimp, and Net) Levels 40-70 Lobster (Lobster, and Cage) Levels 70-99 Swordfish (Use Harpoon to catch Sword fish) Cooking - Get a log and a tender box, use them on each other to make a fire Take all of the fish that you have caught in fishing and cook them on the fire it should take you to 99 easily Each inventory take out another log, and add it to the fire you have created so the flow of the fire and you cooking stays at a constant speed. Woodcutting - Go to woodcutting teleport located under skilling, and skilling is located under the quest tab. Levels 1-20 Cut Logs (Iron Hatchet) Levels 20-60 Cut Oak Logs (Iron Hatchet Levels 60-80 Cut Yew Logs (Rune/Dragon Hatchet) Levels 80-99 Cut Magic Logs (Dragon Hatchet) Magic Logs are located South of Seers Village at the Sorcerers Tower (My Favorite Spot) Fire-making - Take all of the wood you have used for woodcutting and burn them in a secluded spot so home doesn't get spammed with ashes Levels 1-20 Logs Levels 20-65 Oak Logs Levels 65-75 Yew Logs Levels 75-99 Use Magic Logs (54k exp each) Farming - Levels 1-99 doing the same thing Go to Catherby by using the command ;;catherby Go North of the bank and you should see a guy that sells rakes. Rake the plot and decompose what you get and you will be at level 99 in no time Guide Produced by Geno - Dedicated to Runixscape Guide Produced by Geno - Dedicated to Runixscape Guide Produced by Geno - Dedicated to Runixscape
  4. Hello Samson, I'm Geno, I think we have met in game before but nice introduction looking forward to spending more time meeting you acquaintance on runixscape, have a fantastic day keep your head up don't ever stop doing what you love. Catch ya later buddy.
  5. That's awesome, that resolved the problems in the future that certain someone had, great work though Aviansie have a fantastic day and keep up the great work!
  6. That's fantastic editing, thanks Roar for making this happen.
  7. That's awesome bro, keep up the good work!
  8. Countless people have had troubles with that haha, thanks for fixing it.
  9. enchanted

    This is extremely helpful to everyone playing Runixscape and whom may be having trouble this should help the issue. You should post examples of where some of the spots are, as in a walk through with screen shots etc. If you want to, not telling you to just a suggestion.
  10. Thanks for posting it on the forums, we need to test test test absolutely everything on the server to get all the knicks and crannys out!
  11. Each and every day this server excited me and impressed me more and more, keep up the hard work!
  12. Thank you sir , much appreciated.
  13. Thank you sir. I was just trying to get more clarification on the subject for the players.
  14. I will get someone to test it so I can confirm it asap.