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  1. please vote.
  2. XP rates increased drastically and fixed for each difficulty. Being sent home by a random event force stops your combat Ruby bolts (e) now deal less damage to men (prevents afking)
  3. Fixed an issue with Auras when you would unequip them and they would not deplete.
  4. The good old days...test3.PNGnubz.png

  5. The Digsite Quest Completed Good luck guys.
  6. Thanks, get back to me on this please.
  7. Donator Token Update Donator Tokens can no longer be purchased from Nomad's Rusty Coins shop Donator chest items will no longer be obtained from RainbowWyrm/Aviansie King Donator chest items will no longer be rewarded from Trials. The Donator chest items that could be obtained by trials are now replaced with Enchanted Key random loot. Enchanted Keys, Clue Scrolls, Evil Trees no longer award Donator Tokens Puzzle boxes no longer reward the player with a random Donator Chest Item, rather they will reward another random Enchanted Key random loot. Donator Tokens can now be obtained through the Vote Shop. Please Vote to get more tokens! It will help the server grow! All of this is in efforts to make Donating more worth it Perk Transferring Update Clicking on a purchased perk while in the perk shop, will now prompt a dialogue This dialogue now allows you to: Toggle Perk to be ENABLED/DISABLED Transfer the Perk to another player You can only transfer a perk to another player if all of the following conditions are satisfied They are online You are not the other player They are not in a PvP zone They do not already have the perk 4 New Bosses: Elemental Wizards Elemental Wizards can be accessed via the Boss Teleport Interface located in the top-right corner of the Quest Journals Tab in-game. An entry fee of 250 Rusty coins is taken upon teleportation, and every 600 milliseconds, 1 rusty coin is removed from your inventory. If you run out of rusty coins, you will be sent home. If you damage an Elemental Wizard using the same element as them, they will heal instead of take damage Drops: Gear sets (Only one color is shown, they drop 4 color sets): They each drop a set of their element's type of gear. While wearing a full set of the same element's gear: Your Magic damage while using the element of the color of the gear is boosted by a random multiple between 1-100 (YES 1-100) If you are damaged by an Elemental Wizard that is of the same element of the gear you are equipping, the damage is reversed, and heals you instead! First Tower Hat First Tower Robe Top First Tower Robe Bottom Elemental Mindspike (Element) Any suggestions/feedback will be highly appreciated. Best, Aviansie
  8. Death Plateau Quest Added. Enjoy.
  9. Temple Ikov quest added. Quest ends now when you pick up the staff of armadyl.
  10. Following beers are now drinkable, with proper boosts: Mature and non-mature versions Asgarnian ale (mature) • Axeman's folly (mature) • Bandit's brew • Beer • Chef's delight(mature) • Cider (mature) • Dragon bitter (mature) • Dwarven stout (mature) • Greenman's ale(mature) • Grog • Moonlight mead (mature) • Slayer's respite (mature) • Wizard's mind bomb(mature)
  11. For everyone: World map new features that weren't previously here: World map status saved across logins/each time you open the map. Toggling show/hide now works properly for: You are Here Marker Intra-map links (50%) Map Labels Icon Tooltips You are now able to clear your blue custom marker by clicking the text in the key interface Sorting alphabetically, categorised, and traditional is added for Keys (example gen store, etc) Clicking the show overview button at bottom right corner now will save each time you open/close world map (This will save even if you log out, it will be saved as individual player data) Clicking the show/hide key will save each time you open/close world map (This will save even if you log out, it will be saved as individual player data) For admin+: Click TP'ing will now refresh the map to show the you are here marker in the correct location upon teleportation with Ctrl+Shift clicking. Saved data will then refresh itself, it used to close key and other stuff, was annoying and a pain. Now fixed properly.
  12. Added Fortunato draynor dialogue (with shop, sells wines. Made bottle of wines drinkable) Litara in Barb village just dialogue to talk Kaylee in fally bar, she can sell you all kinds of special beers. Baerck the fur trader part of the Shield of Arrav quest can now sell you furs and his dialogue is more complex. Olivia in draynor sells seeds Other fixes/updates: Boots of lightness can now be obtained slightly south and east of the Ranging guild, southwest of camelot, down the stairs, then down the stairs, into the room. Bring a light source, sharp weapon and slash web for boots. (Note the knife can be picked up through the wall you will notice it there. Memory & Performance issues addressed & optimized for faster game speeds.
  13. boots of lightness are now obtainable in the temple of ikov location southwestish of camelot bank
  14. Today's basic updates: Bread dough can now be used to cook bread. Mackerels can now be eaten and heal 60 life points Pizza bases can be used with a tomato to yield an Incomplete pizza, which can then be used with cheese to yield an uncooked pizza which can now be cooked to make plain pizza at level 35 cooking