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  1. Hi All, Now first off, I am NOT whoever made the ingame account 'Derek'. A few of You have met me in the last few days as I have changed my username about 3 times (I'm undecisive sorry). I started as 'Kenshi', Then I was 'Charizard', and finally I'm now currently 'D3rek', I have played for a fair amount of time in the last 3-4 days ive been here and though it was frustrating, It was well worth grinding it out!, I just wanted to introduce myself so people know who I am and don't get the wrong idea about Me. I'm Derek, 20, And currently I reside in the northern part of Ohio In the US. I work(ed) for a company called Riddell who manufacture football equipment for players from Peewee all the way to the NFL! That's a general makeup of who I am, besides the fact that I am 420 friendly and that I love to talk to and hang out with everyone! If you see me in-game please dont hesitate to say something to me to start a conversation! I play Xbox and ps4 but currently have neither online services, Bummer eh? But if there's anything You would like to know just ask me, I love conversation and just Bullshitting with new people! Take care all, -Derek. P.S; Is it possible to request the in-game name 'Derek' as i've not seen whoever it is active since i've been on? I know there's an issue with changing their name and whatnot but if it is possible that would be amazing! if not that's alright i'll find something to suit me sooner or later!