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  1. Currently Beta phase but a great addition.
  2. Conveniant.
  3. Bye Felecia
  4. Much more convenient :).
  5. Sad to see you go Purp, Good luck with whatever endevours you persue. Come back anytime.
  6. Very nice guide, should help alot of new people out. +1
  7. i'll try it out soon.
  8. Bye bud.
  9. Overall I agree with this price guide. Although rares are a bit off. Reg Phats are around 30b customs 50b+. No idea on masks. Other than that good job.
  10. Its pretty comprehensive Unknow.
  11. Hey guys and gals, Name's Kristin and i've been around runescape for quite some time. Started in 2002 to be exact. Im 25, from America but currently living in Israel. Glad to be here and if you have any more questions feel free to contact me in-game or on here. <3
  12. Although we just met recently, you helped me out alot and helped get me hooked on this server. Take care bud.