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  1. This guide is not really good, someone need to change it or do a better one -Unknow
  2. Thanks guys ! feel free to message me in-games when its back on !
  3. you should make a new money guides for pvmers, or anyone should make one should be a good idea ! but still a helpfull guide ! thanks you for answering me
  4. Hey buddy, hope to see you in-game soon, I am new my in-game username is Unknow feel free to Message me ! - UNKNOW
  5. Awesome guide ! I'll Use The Player vs. Monster (P.V.M) Monkey making way and the voting one, I think I'll camp Water Jad, to see what I can make today, Thank you for your guide and And your Help, hope it will help me and other players to make $ MONEY $ and GRINDING HARD In-Games ! - Unknow
  6. Hello everyone, I am UnKnow its my In-game Username, I am 19 years old,I am french, I apologize for my spelling, hope you guys will give me a chance to be part of your friend list, and hope to see you guys soon, feel free to pm me, I am New but I can maybe help you with something god knows! Thanks to whoever take the time to read my introduction feel free to let me know your opinions !
  7. Hey Samson its unknow here we already met in games its nice to play with you buddy, hope you the best !
  8. Thank you so much for the information that will help alot of people its easy I made this guide and it work perfectly and puzzle come more and more easy to do ! - Unknow