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  1. I'm not going to post the obvious just go online for 20mins LOL! Honestly an eco reset is obvious over due but in my opinion its not going to help ~ Stephenn
  2. thanks hope it helps
  3. defiantly alottttt easier and less spam love it
  4. Probably the smallest guide ever and probably everyone knows but who ever doesn't know here it is! Well first things first armor: Wear best Range gear you have doesn't need to be crazy like TK but if u have it doesn't hurt this is my gear nothing nuts Now for the inventory again nothing crazy cuz I'm safe spotting the whole time now for the safe spot just like in runescape and that's about it safe spot pretty simple then use protect range against Tok-kil: and protect melee aginst Yt-MejKot (when/if needed): and protect mage against Ket-Zek: Now last but not least JAD!!!! Simple when he Stomps his FEET protect Range: When he shows his BELLY protect Mage: This is what the safe spot does for you: also sometimes they get stuck over here: Congrats you just achieved a Fire Cape: Also one step closer to completionist cape: Hope you have enjoyed my guide for Fire Cape will do Kiln next time also if you would like me to add everything in each wave I would be happy too thanks and feel free to hit the like button!! ~ Stephenn