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  1. i planned do it, like super easy, and drop rates and the normal or what ever, but i make it later if i got more time.
  2. Drop Guide! Dark Lord Maul of omens Blue gemstone dagger Pink gemstone dagger 1-5 1B ticket 25-50 Tormented king's bolts (e) Aten (Heru's shield) Tormented king's key Enchanted key daedric sword of destruction 1-50 100M ticket 1-5 Deathtouched dart Daedric restoration staff Godwars Bosses: Bandos Bandos chestlate Bandos tassets Bandos boots Bandos hilt Goliath gloves (black) Bandos helmet Bandows warshield Bandos gloves K'ril's godcrusher legs Pet general graardor Bandos cape Full slayer helmet (charged) K'ril Tsutsaroth Zamorakian spear zamorak hilt spellcaster gloves gloves of subjugation boots of subjugation garb of subjugation gown of subjugation ward of subjugation hood of subjugation pet k'ril tsutsaroth toxic staff of the dead zamorak wings Commander Zilyana Saradomin sword Dragonstone Saradomin hilt Spellcaster gloves (black) Saradomin's whisper Saradomin's hiss Saradomin's murmur K'ril's godcrusher chest Pet commander Zilyana Kree'arra Armadyl helmet Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl hilt Armadyl boots Armadyl buckler Armadyl gloves Swift gloves (black) Dragon crossbow K'ril's godcrusher helm Pet aviansie Armadyl crossbow Nex Torva helm Torva platebody Torva legs Pernix cowl Pernix body Pernix chaps Virtus mask Virtus robe top Virtus robe legs Zaryte bow Torva cape Pet Nex Virtus wand Virtus book Water jad Daedric sword of frost Frostmourne Ice gloves Pet water jad Water cape Teal partyhat Blue partyhat Teal h'ween mask Soul phylactery Deathtouched dart Bolt pouch Frost torva full helm Frost torva platebody Frost torva platelegs Tome of frost Tormented King Tormented king's key Daedric sword of disease Soul phylactery White lightsaber Dragon claws Chaotic claws 1-4 100M ticket Change username ticket Bloodwyrm Blood necklace Pet bloodwyrm Blood santa hat Blood santa legs Blood santa top Blood korasi Deathtouched dart Celestial surgebox Celestial gloves Celestial shoes Celestial robe bottom Celestial hood Celestial robe top Red lightsaber Defender lvl 5 Collector lvl 5 Healer lvl 5 Attacker lvl 5 Bolt pouch Vorpal talon Ascension crossbow Royale cannon base Royale cannon stand Royale cannon barrels Royale cannon furnace Hati's relleka woods Hati head Hati paws Hati cloak Pet hati Sea troll queen Abyssal whip Pet sea troll queen Avatar of destruction Gilded dragon pickaxe Dragon claws Pet avatar of destruction Tormented demons Dragon claws Jangerberry seed Ruined dragon armour slice Ruined dragon armour lump Ruined dragon armour shard Pet tormented demon King black dragon Dragonstone Draconic visage Pet KBD Party Demon Annihilation Decimation Obliteration Abyssal vine whip Dragonfire shield (charged) Brutal whip Deathjtouched dart Lucky partyhat Boogie bow Lucky santa hat Lucky h'ween mask Pet party demon Christmas cracker Blink Frostmourne Pet blink Pest queen Void knight top Void knight robe Void knight mace Void knight gloves Void knight deflector Void ranger helm Void melee helm Void mage helm Korasi's sword Pet pest queen Kalphite queen Dragonstone Dragon chainbody Sword of edicts Pet kalphite queen Yk'lagor the thunderous Drygore rapier Drygore longsword Drygore mace Kalphite wings Kalphite body Kalphite legs kalphite gloves Kalphite boots Pet yk'lagor the thunderous Vorago Shatterstorm wand Pet vorago Promethium platebody Promethium full helm Promethium 2h sword Promethium platelegs Promethium rapier Promethium boots Promethium gauntlets Promethium kiteshield Promethium longsword Promethium maul Promethium dagger Anger mace Corporeal beast Spirit shield Holy elixir Spectral sigil Arcane sigil Elysian sigil Divine sigil Pet corporeal beast Sunfreet Draconic visage Korasi's sword Dragon kiteshield Dragon full helm Pet sunfreet Daedric lord and its companion Daedra heart Ebony ingot Ward of subjugation Steadfast boots Uncut onyx Daedric sword warranty Daedric full helm Daedric platebody Daedric platelegs Daedric wings Wildywyrm Shadow dye Shadow cape deathtouched dart Soul phylactery Pet shadowwyrm Daedric sword of shadows Shadowwyrm Shadow dye Shadow cape Deathtouched dart Soul phylactery Pet shadowwyrm Daedric sword of shadows Boss elementals Dragon 2h sword 1-10 Jangerberry seed Dragonstone Purple lightsaber Pet chaos elemental Queen black dragon Pet queen black dragon Bork Pet bork Primal boss Primal platebody Primal full helm Primal platelegs Primal kiteshield Primal gauntlets Primal boots Primal longsword Primal rapier Primal 2h sword Primal maul Primal dagger (p++) Primal warhammer Primal spear (p++) Christmas cracker Dragon claws Dragon full helm (or) Change username ticket fate cards Giant mole Dragonstone Chaotic claws Dragon claws Steadfast boots Pet giant mole Celestial dragons Draconic visage static gloves Dagannoth mother Malevolent helm malevolent curiass malevolent greaves 1 100M ticket Change username ticket Saradomin's holy book Deathtouched dart Pet dagannoth mother Dagannoth kings: Dagannoth supreme Seercull Dragon hatchet Dragonstone Archers' ring Archers' ring (i) Pet dagannoth supreme Dagannoth prime Dragon hatchet Seers' ring Seers' ring (i) Pet dagannoth prime Dagannoth rex Berserker ring Berserker ring (i) Pet dagannoth rex Glacor's icy caves Steadfast boots Glaiven boots Ragefire boots New crystal shield Pet glacor Poisonwyrm Daedric sword of poison Green sana costume top Green santa costume legs green santa hat Toxic blowpipe Drygore longsword Starved ancient effigy Fate cards Divine sigil Healer lvl 5 Green lightsaber Trident of the swamp Toxic staff of the dead Serpentine helm Solarius shield Pet poisonwyrm Poison cape Dwarven warlord Warsuit body Warsuit hat Warsuit legs Warsuit boots Warsuit crossbow Warsuit shield Warsuit longsword Chaotic kiteshield Amulet of fury Enchanted key Giant mudskipper (underwater) 1-30 rusty coins Fire king Fire torva full helm Fire torva platelegs Fire torva platebody tormented king's key Enchanted key Fate cards 1-6 100M ticket 1-2 Deathtouched dart Daedric sword Annihilation Decimation Rainbow unicorns 1 100M ticket 1 1B ticket Pet unicorn Dragonbone corporeal beast Dragonbone shield Dragonbone scimitar Dragonbone cape 1-50 Tormented king's bolts (e) Lava dragons Fire santa top Fire santa legs Fire santa hat Fire brutal whip Draconic visage Crystal wings (poison) Pet lava dragon Shadow corporeal beast Daedric sword of shadows Pet shadow snake Shadow santa legs Shadow santa top Shadow samta hat Shadow cape Crystal wings (shadow) Dark spirit shield Seismic katana Seismic wand Seismic singularity Shadowmourne Toxic blowpipe 1-50 100M ticket 1-5 1B tickets 75-250 Tormented king's bolts (e) Tokhaar-kal-mej (magic) Pet shadow corporeal beast Snow bird Christmas scythe Golden scarf 100-250 Tormented king's bolts (e) 104M XP lamp (of choice) 99 Skill XP lamp (of choice) 1-5 1B ticket 1-51 100M ticket Enchanted key Deathtouched dart 1-25 Snowball Christmas cracker Santa sack Pet snow bird Aviansie king All items in donator chest Shadow dragons Shadow cape Sahdow santa legs Shadow santa top Shadow santa hat Shadow dye Shadowmourne Draconic visage Aten (heru's shield) Pet shadow snake Daedric restoration staff Daedric scythe Fire brutal whip Pet shadow dragon The inadequacy Maul of omens Blue gemstone dagger Ping gemstone dagger 1-5 1B ticket 25-50 Tormented king's bolts (e) Enchanted key Daedric sword of destruction 1-50 100M ticket 1-5 Deathtouched dart Daedric restoration staff Fate cards Christmas cracker Pet untouchable Water cape Pet water jad Ice queen Fate cards 1-3 Deathtouched dart Christmas cracker 1-3 1B ticket Fire santa top Fire santa hat Fire santa legs Toxic blowpipe Tokhaar-kal-mej (magic) Tokhaar-kal-ket (melee) Tokhaar-kal-xil (ranged) 104M XP lamp (of choice) 99 Skill XP lamp (of choice) 1-250 Tormented king's bolts (e) 1-30 100M ticket Pet water jad Water cape Waterwyrm 1-4 1B ticket Water cape Pet waterwyrm Deathtouched dart Puzzle box Frost torva platebody Frost torva platelegs Forst torva full helm Corpsemaker Dharok's kiteshield Blue lightsaber Daedric sword of frost Ravening silver Shadowmourne Grinder Rainbowwyrm Dragon claws Korasi's sword Dwarf cannon set Gilded dragon pickaxe Tokhaar-kal & firecape Energy sword Gravity hammer Quickfire crossbow Dice Divine spirit shield Elysian spirit shield Arcane spirit shield Spectral spirit shield And ohter donator shop items + cosmetiq items Barrows: rise of the six Shadow barrows sets Added only the rarest items. Also u can check drop guide ingame, just type ::drops then the NPC name and there u go! (Ingame u see ur drop rates tho) Done by Lactooz (Lacoste) Nex drops added by Roar (4-18-2017)